Best solutions
for companies

Best solutions for companies

Since 2000, we have been designing and building applications using industrial robots, ultrasonic sealers, printing, labeling devices and vision systems.

Our offer

Precise and reliable solutions tailored to the needs of our customers

Control devices

Solutions that successfully replace humans at work.

Design and construction of machines

Services in the field of design, construction, commissioning of finished equipment and machines.

Maintenance services

To ensure trouble-free operation, we service industrial equipment.

Quality policy

  • friendly and effective communication relations with the customer

  • using the latest technologies and cooperating with world technology leaders

  • increasing the qualifications and experience of employees

  • continuous improvement of organization and work methods

  • keeping the Client informed at every stage of project implementation

  • strengthening the company’s market position

  • involvement of all employees in quality issues

Our partners

Reliability and precision are of paramount importance to us, which is why we only use proven brands

Our implementations

Multipack holder applicator

High-performance, fully automatic machine used to combine products into multipacks with a holder.

Collaborative robot-based palletizing station

The user, through an interface on the HMI, has the option of defining a palletisation pattern that provides a reference for the robot during the process.

Nonwoven scrolling machine with perforation function

The rewinder is a technologically advanced machine intended mainly for processing nonwovens needled mechanically and hydrodynamically.


Wojciech Siwek

Member of the Board, Owner

Paul Stanek

Member of the Board