Nonwoven scrolling machine with perforation function

The rewinder is a technologically advanced machine intended mainly for processing nonwovens needled mechanically and hydrodynamically.

Thanks to the use of a drive system based on high-quality servo motors, it gives the possibility to effectively process also other types of materials, including those with very different properties: for example, roofing membranes, PE films, nonwovens of other types, etc. The main advantage of the rewinder is the ability to very precisely and quickly rewind the material into rolls of the desired length, along with their additional processing (e.g. longitudinal slitting, cross perforation into sections of any length, folding the material before winding, marking, cutting off a defective section of the material, packaging, wrapping the finished roll with a label, etc.). The machine operates in automatic mode – it starts the process of winding a new roll by itself, cuts off the material when the desired winding length is reached, and pushes the finished product out of the machine. It is possible to pack the material both with cores and without cores, depending on the customer’s needs.

The datasheet can be found in the attachment PRZEWIJARKA.PDF