Collaborative robot-based palletizing station dedicated to stacking cartons on pallets.

The full palletizing station includes three components:

  1. A mobile support frame that houses the robot controller, robot arm and control cabinet with operator panel.
  2. A carton conveyor that allows the robot to deliver items in the correct orientation for picking.
  3. A mobile table for pallet dividers (as an option).

The station requires electricity and compressed air supply. Thanks to the special design of the support frame, a hand pallet truck is sufficient for in-plant transport.

The palletizing station is dedicated to stacking cartons on pallets. The user, through the interface on the HMI panel, can define the palletizing pattern, which is the reference for the robot during the palletizing process. Thanks to the use of a lamella conveyor with a system that allows cartons to be rotated, cartons delivered to the station can be properly oriented before being transferred to the robot’s picking area. The robot uses a tool that is equipped with a vacuum picking system. In each cycle, the robot picks cartons from the conveyor and then deposits them on a user-supplied pallet in advance, according to the selected palletizing pattern. With the ability to palletize on two pallets one after the other, the station does not need to stop after completing the process for the first pallet. Once the first pallet is full, the system automatically starts palletizing on the second pallet ensuring continuity of the process.

The station, when retrofitted with a divider table, can apply pallet dividers, both rigid and flaccid.

Thanks to the adjustment of the stand’s weight and appropriate attachment to the conveyor, it is not required to anchor it to the floor. Such a solution makes it possible to install the stand on different lines in a short time.