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Automatec Sp. z o.o. is a company providing services in the field of designing, construction, startup of ready devices and machines.

We design electric installations, control systems and whole machines. We prepare documentation and descriptions which facilitate work and operation of each machine.

Moreover, we provide service and comprehensive expert advisory services in the scope of automatics, electric engineering and mechanics.

Our goal is the success of our Customers which we intend to contribute to in the greatest degree, by supplying of the latest technologies. We want to achieve customer satisfaction through a competent and reliable manufacture of products and services, whereas the high quality is provided thanks to a combination of professional engineering knowledge with practice and experience. We perform our tasks on time and according to the provisions of law.

The following basic values lie behind the development of the Company: The Customer, reliability, competence, modern technologies, constant improvement of the methods of work and creation of competitive edge with the subsequent maintenance of the utmost standard of professional ethics. 

We are proud that with our products we can meet the expectations of even the most demanding Customers. We also wish to strengthen the position of our company on the domestic market and, at the same time, constantly increase our sales on international markets.

We fulfil our goals by means of:

  • friendly and effective communication relations with the Customer;
  • applying the latest technologies and cooperation with the world technology leaders;
  • improvement of qualifications and experience of employees;
  • constant improvement of organization and work methods;
  • creation and maintenance of partnership relationships in the company;
  • informing the Customer on each stage of realization of the project;
  • strengthening the market position of the company;
  • involvement of all employees in quality issues.

What guarantees the fulfilment of this policy is the implemented and improved management system, in conformity with the ISO 9001 standard.

Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction!

We are ready to help.

Write or call us:

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Marek Kowalski

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