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In order to provide you with problem-free work, we have a service of industrial devices. Our service seals with repair, conservation, adjusting to new standards and directives of control systems based on PLC controllers:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Telemecanique gr. Schneider
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Fanuc

Our service also includes Mitsubishi, Indramat, Simodrive SERVO drives as well as Proface, Beijers, Got control desks . We have the necessary software and wiring system. Our personnel systematically participates in trainings which ensure the knowledge of the latest technologies, thanks to which we can provide you with full service of the machines.

In the age of computers and machines which replace humans at the workplace, control gear is manufactured by more and more companies. As reliability and precision are the most important issues for us, we use only proven brands. They include all fittings of:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens
  • Omron
  • Moeller
  • Phoenix Contact

The work of the control gear consists in automation of production processes. They have replaced old transmitters and control the machine work processes.
Automatec Sp. z o.o. is a company providing services in the field of designing, construction, startup of ready devices and machines.

We design our machines with the use of control systems based on Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Moeller, Siemens controllers, as well as ones produced by other world-class manufacturers.

We design electric installations, control systems and whole machines. We prepare documentation and descriptions which facilitate work and operation of each machine.

Should you have any ideas which could facilitate the production, please provide us with the criteria a given device must meet and we will produce it for you. Our specialists will prepare designs together with you, which will improve work and efficiency

The company Automatec Sp. z o.o specializes in the following types of machines and appliances:

  • packing machines - Flowpack
  • perforators
  • winders
  • pouring machines
  • machine vision
  • industrial robots
  • labelling systems
  • printing systems
  • lifting beams

The company also manufactures prototype machines. Our team is ready to take up any challenge. We can also modernize your machine or production line and conduct post-assembly examinations.

Production lines are becoming more and more complicated. A change of one parameter may influence the entire production process. The company Automatec Sp. z o.o. will provide you with software adjusted to your needs, which will archive various parameters from the machines. Thanks to data archiving you will be able to:

  • control the production - shutdown time, amount of manufactured goods
  • control the employees more effectively
  • monitor a part of elements of the production lines - react to breakdowns more quickly
  • be systematically informed about breakdowns, production data by e-mails or SMS

The field of operation of the company Automatec Sp. z o.o. is automatics of warehouse systems. It constructs complex transport systems. The company supplies solutions from the scope of:

  • design and construction of the mechanical parts
  • design and assembly of the electric parts
  • automatics of the transport system
  • control of the pallet movement in the warehouse - original solutions
  • integration with external systems - archiving of stock level
  • integration with systems managing inventory movement, such as: SAP EWM
  • monitoring and warehouse management software

We are ready to help.

Write or call us:

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